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Tales Of The Fighting Agathon
Sex, Lies, And An Airlock
The Jezabels 
14th-Aug-2011 11:41 pm
So toward the end of last year / beginning of this year, I discovered this band called the Jezabels. They're a four-piece from Sydney consisting of a guitarist, pianist, drummer and singer, and their style is so interesting. The guitarist is a folk-nut (yet often paraphrases The Edge), the pianist is classically trained and doesn't really listen to much else, the drummer is a heavy-metal guy, and the singer is a less crazy Kate Bush. The sound is original and so damn awe-inspiring. They have a trio of EPs and are about to release their debut.

As a completely independent band, they don't receive much radio airplay apart from Triple J and there really isn't much media involvement in getting these guys out into the mainstream public. However, their popularity is only testament to their talent. They've played shows all around the world, and have such a hype that they always live up to. I saw them at a music festival in Canberra earlier this year, and they were slotted on just after lunchtime, when no one would really be at the festival. Yet the crowd was massive and they absolutely blew everyone away. Hayley Mary's voice is so powerful, and intense. Like a higher-pitched Florence Welch. But huskier. Is it even possible to be husky and high-pitched? I dunno, but she does it. And the absence of a bass player really lets the sound stay in it's raw originality. Also, the sound is so massive, bass isn't really necessary.

Anyway, they're touring the country in October and like I said, they haven't released an LP yet. But the entire tour sold out in an hour. They don't even have an album! I went online to get tickets for the Canberra show ten minutes after they'd gone on sale, and it was completely sold out. The power of word-of-mouth! I was gutted to have missed out on tickets, but so proud of the band and the good Australian people for supporting them.

These guys are explosive. They deserve so much more recognition than they already receive and I just want to personally recommend them to everyone I have ever met. It's not enough to talk about them with my hipster friends, I want everyone to love them! This music inspires me and paints my world in brighter colours. Songs like "Hurt Me" and "Easy To Love" create this sense of intensity and a surge of creativity within two verses. IT IS INSANE.

So yeah, I love them, and I want you all to love them. So please listen to them. And support independent music!

27th-Aug-2011 05:43 pm (UTC)
I like it! :D
27th-Aug-2011 06:33 pm (UTC)
27th-Aug-2011 06:34 pm (UTC)
Oh, and, my friend bought me tickets to the show as an early birthday present. EARGASM IN OCTOBER YEWWWW.

Next time they come to NYC it'll prolly be when I'm there; we're going.
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